Anteo Diagnostics Limited

Anteo Diagnostics Ltd (ASX: ADO) is a global nano-technology company. We work to enable the next wave of technological advancements, irrespective of industry, by tackling the scientific challenges encountered at the quantum (or nanoscale) level. We deal with this through the deployment of a highly complex chemistry that we have distilled into a simple set of reagents which can be further adapted and refined for specific applications. Our core technologies and capabilities are in state-of-the-art nanometre-thin ‘coatings’ with custom applications to manage commercially important interactions between different materials. The breadth of value creation is unlimited.

The Anteo Group owns a growing suite of patented technologies in nanometre-thin ‘primers’, ‘binders’ and ‘coatings’. Anteo’s nanoglue technology, called Mix&Go for healthcare markets, is highly innovative and is making significant contributions in the scientific field – supporting scientists to address important clinical challenges and commercial problems in their work.

The Anteo Group also develops, manufactures and distributes products for the life sciences, clinical diagnostics and bio-separations markets and is creating new applications in the energy and medical devices sectors. Life science and diagnostics customers are experiencing important benefits from the Anteo technologiy around nanoparticles and other miniaturised formats applicable to point-of-care devices.

The recent acquisition of DIAsource provides a profitable platform to roll out Anteo technology for life science and diagnostics. It also provides an opportunity to deploy Anteo technology into a new point-of- care system using appropriate assays, thus extending the commercial value of our existing assays and market channels.

Anteo Technologies Pty Ltd is a fully-owned subsiduary of Anteo Diagnostics Ltd.