About DIAsource ImmunoAssays


DIAsource ImmunoAssays is a well-established Belgium-based business acquired by Anteo Diagnostics Limited in January 2016. As a vertically integrated company, DIAsource’s business consists of the development, manufacture, sales and distribution of diagnostic kits to clinical laboratories. The focus is on immunoassays, currently in both ELISA and RIA formats, which are sold directly and indirectly to about 75 countries worldwide.

In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) is a fragmented industry characterised by a plethora of different disease fields, diagnostic test application areas (from screening to disease diagnosis and monitoring) and technologies (automated systems, manual assays, point-of-care assays). DIAsource’s core business taps into profitable niches by focusing on selected product – market combinations, and by leveraging unique capabilities to offer not just products but also customised services tuned to specific customer and market needs. As much as products are core to our business, the voice of the customer and the services we offer are core to our company culture and operations.

DIAsource’s success comes from a strong focus on execution, and extension into new product – market combinations. Examples of approaches that have boosted growth include a successful focus on specific markets (such as Spain, China and Egypt) and on the RIA (radio immunoassay) niche market – at a time when competitors are leaving this market space – as well as extension of the product portfolio (Vitamin D and launch of an infectious disease portfolio).