Universal Surface Coating for Biosensor Applications

Author: Anteo Technologies   Date Posted:23 April 2015 

Anteo has developed a range of its proprietary Mix&Go surface coating formulations that can change the surface characteristics of diverse base materials. These can modify the strength of binding, wettability and surface charge of base materials commonly used in biosensor applications including polystyrene and cyclic olefin copolymer. Furthermore, by using Mix&Go surface coatings it is possible to control protein binding and to improve the stability of bound biomolecules across a range of surfaces used in biosensors. At the 9th German Biosensor Symposium, Anteo presented experimental data generated using this approach on commonly used Lab-on-A-Chip and Point-of-Care device surfaces.

The contact angle of a water drop on an untreated polystyrene (PS) surface can be modified with specific Mix&Go formulations. These formulations are designed to reduce the surface wettability whilst retaining their ability to bind proteins. The images demonstrate the effectiveness of different Mix&Go formulations to reduce contact angle, allowing control of wettability that is particularly important in microfluidic applications.

To view the poster presented at the 9th German Biosensor Symposium click here