Lateral Flow: Making Magnetic Particles A Viable And Easier To Use Replacement To Gold Nanoparticles

Author: Anteo Technologies   Date Posted:14 September 2016 

Lateral Flow Magnetic Particles


While lateral flow immunoassays represent a quick, low cost, easy to use alternative to conventional clinical testing, a do-it-yourself approach to assay development in the lateral flow format is generally hampered due to the costs of raw materials or uncertainties in the handling of lesser documented materials[1]. The majority of current lateral flow tests utilise gold nanoparticles as the primary detection label. Advances have been made in the use of alternative detection strategies, such as magnetic particles, but there has been limited uptake for example, by IVD manufacturers[2].

Anteo’s coupling kit for lateral flow looks to simplify this process of screening particle compatibility by using polymeric metal complexes to anchor the proteins of interest to the particle. The process is much simpler and less time consuming than the current conventional chemistries and requires less antibody to achieve relative performance in passive couplings due to improvements in both antibody orientation and functionality. This in turn leads to the generation of monodispersed, highly stable and functional magnetic particle conjugates for lateral flow applications.

This application note titled Lateral Flow: Making Magnetic Particles A Viable And Easier To Use Replacement To Gold Nanoparticles outlines the preparation of 200nm magnetic particles conjugates for use in an anti-hepatitis B surface antigen based lateral flow assay.