Developing and commercialising technologies that enhance the storage and management of energy across multiple sectors.


Meeting ever-increasing performance demands for electric vehicles, energy storage systems and consumer electronics

At AnteoTech, we understand the demand for renewable energy technology is growing quickly. To meet these increasing demands, we are developing technology that will enable our manufacturing partners to build lighter, more compact and cost-effective lithium-ion batteries. We use our proprietary technology to create high value anodes.

Our focus is on capturing a significant stake in the global battery market — forecasted to be worth US$180 Billion by 2030.

Through strategic partnerships, AnteoTech will play a key role in the leading battery technology ecosystems by 2026. Our leading cross-linker, Anteo X and our Silicon Anode program place us squarely within this developing market.

Our Energy Products: Spearheading Australia’s push for a larger role in the global battery supply chain


A powerful Additive

AnteoTech’s Anteo X is a powerful additive that reinforces battery binders, helping maximise the performance of silicon-containing anodes. This technology is well suited for high-energy and silicon-rich anode designs.


Striving to meet our global future energy storage needs

AnteoTech’s Clean Energy Technology division is made up of an internationally qualified team of scientists and PhDs specialising in physics, material engineering, and macromolecular and material chemistry. By combining our multidisciplinary skills, AnteoTech has all the in-house capabilities to design and develop world-leading lithium-ion battery solutions.

Not only do we employ the best and the brightest minds to work in our Clean Energy Technology division, but our team are also passionate about creating a sustainable future where natural resource consumption is minimised.


Our Processes

AnteoTech Energy aims to draw extraordinary performance from ordinary battery materials. Our processes are designed to create low-cost, low-risk solutions that can seamlessly integrate into our partners’ chemistry and manufacturing workflows. The result? A solid foundation for the next generation of silicon-containing anodes.


Our Technology

AnteoTech’s unique, proprietary nano-technology is recognised for its ability to enhance silicon integration and stabilisation in next-generation lithium-ion batteries. Our cross-linker additive, Anteo X and active material solutions for current and next-generation anodes feature breakthrough performance in binder technology and anode designs.


Our Partnerships

We seek new partnerships with innovative companies across the renewable energy value chain. This includes suppliers, advanced materials providers, battery manufacturers and OEMs. Our recent partnerships include collaboration with Trinseo Europe GmbH (Trinseo), a global specialty materials solutions provider and leading anode binder technology supplier to the battery manufacturing sector, and Wyon AG (Wyon), a developer and producer of customised, rechargeable miniature and micro batteries.


Our Environmental Impact

At AnteoTech, we are continuously innovating new products for evaluation and incorporation into existing clean energy manufacturing processes. Building one electric vehicle currently takes six times more minerals and heavy metals. Our developments in silicon can provide a step-change in energy density. By creating batteries using a high silicon containing anode, manufacturers can produce smaller, lighter batteries with the same storage capacity.

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