Anteo X is a proprietary cross-linker additive

Enabling our partners to cost-effectively produce lighter, more compact high-energy lithium-ion batteries.


Anteo X is a world-leading development from the Energy division at AnteoTech. It’s a powerful cross-linker additive that reinforces battery binders in silicon-containing anodes and boosts their performance.

The result? Increased capacity, an extended lifecycle and superior mechanical properties enabling high-energy lithium-ion batteries to be manufactured more cost-effectively, lighter and more compact.

  • Provides substantial improvements in capacity retention for silicon-rich anodes
  • Well suited for high energy and silicon-rich anode designs
  • Minimises inactive materials while maintaining performance levels

See how Anteo X can help you increase performance outcomes.

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Benefits of Anteo X cross-linker additive

Anteo X is compatible with a wide variety of conventions (as well as proprietary and water-based) binder chemistries used in anode production processes. It offers a simple way to enhance the performance of these binders without the requirement for extensive chemical synthesis.

Our Goal

Our goal is to support our partners in extracting the best performance from existing and next-generation binder chemistries. Our Anteo X samples are available for evaluation, and we’re constantly seeking innovative companies to deliver outstanding results and incredible products to the market. Find out how Anteo X can help you increase performance outcomes.
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