02 March, 2023

How Anteotech is spearheading Australia’s push for a larger role in the global battery supply chain

ASX-listed technology development company AnteoTech Ltd (ASX: ADO) is pleased to highlight two recent strategic partnerships that provide its Clean Energy Technology (CET) division with a competitive advantage in the global market for high-silicon content lithium-ion batteries. These partnerships not only offer an accelerated commercial development pathway but position AnteoTech as a market leader within Australia’s broader strategic ambitions for critical minerals supply and battery manufacturing.

Expanding Australia’s high-tech battery manufacturing capacity is now a major policy priority of the Federal Government, clearly evidenced by the details in its proposal for a $15 billion National Reconstruction Fund (NRF) to support domestic industries.

As a policy initiative, the NRF was backed directly by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in a recent speech where he advocated for domestic sovereignty over both critical minerals supply and battery manufacturing processes.

Amid these policy tailwinds, AnteoTech is ideally positioned to spearhead this shift with its existing proprietary technology advantages in the manufacture and design of lithium batteries. The company’s recent partnerships demonstrate its ability to play a leading role in the future domestic manufacture of high-silicon content anodes, which can be exported to global markets.

AnteoTech today confirmed it has secured an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Swiss-based Wyon AG (Wyon), a leading developer of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

The non-binding MoU sets out development terms for the application of AnteoTech’s silicon anode technology to deliver a material improvement in the current and future performance of Wyon’s battery cells. (ASX Announcement, 2 March 2023: AnteoTech signs MOU with Wyon for the commercialisation of silicon anodes for micro-batteries).

The agreement follows on from another MOU that AnteoTech signed in February with Trinseo Europe GmbH (Trinseo), a division of the global plastics manufacturing conglomerate Trinseo (NYSE:TSE) that’s listed on the New York Stock Exchange (ASX Announcement, 22 February 2023: AnteoTech signs MOU with Trinseo).

Importantly, these two MOUs position AnteoTech as a technology provider at both ends of the battery manufacturing supply chain, offering commercial development opportunities for both its AnteoX binder technology and advanced silicon-dominant anode design based on the most cost-effective silicon raw material.

The partnership with Trinseo aims to improve the binding processes in silicon anode battery construction, while the partnership with Wyon seeks to develop and test AnteoTech’s silicon-dominant anode design in end-user batteries for the MedTech industry.

These partnerships demonstrate AnteoTech’s momentum with its proprietary technology offering in the rapidly growing lithium-ion battery market that is forecast to reach US$180 billion by 2030 (Grandview Research), with an estimated addressable market of US$40bn for AnteoTech. A February 2023 report by consulting firm McKinsey highlighted that emerging technologies, including processes to extend battery life, will play a key role in what is now a race among global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to reduce the carbon footprint of the battery production supply chain.

With silicon technology increasingly seen as an important solution to overall battery reliability and performance, AnteoTech is building the necessary products and partnerships to take its technology to the global market.

AnteoTech CEO and Managing Director, David Radford, commented: “These two announcements serve to consolidate AnteoTech’s standing among its international peers as an important technology provider in the ongoing development of the silicon anode battery production sector. Globally, the battery industry is undergoing rapid change and AnteoTech is pleased to be at the forefront of those changes through our work on AnteoX and the silicon anode design. We look forward to working with Trinseo and Wyon – two global partners with operations across international markets – over the coming months to develop these technologies in pursuit of shared commercial objectives. These agreements  provide AnteoTech with a unique opportunity to put Australian-made technology solutions on the world stage amid the broader long-term growth of the lithium battery sector. Whether it’s through our work with the AnteoX™ binder additive as a crucial raw material for improved battery performance, or the deployment of our proprietary Silicon Anode design for market-ready batteries, we are well positioned to pursue commercial opportunities across the battery supply chain in the years ahead.”


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