05 August, 2022

How to make a Lithium-Ion Battery – Part 3

The final video in our three-part series on how we make and test our Lithium-ion batteries is the Assembly of the Battery.

Our testing for both the AnteoX Cross-Linker & Binder Program and the high-performance Silicon Anode Program is carried out in coin cell batteries. Coin cells are widely used in research laboratories as they provide a convenient platform for the rapid testing of new materials, a necessary stage for electrochemical performance testing and verification.

Their small size and ability to be quickly and efficiently assembled make coin cells the perfect platform when testing multiple design iterations.

Coin cells provide representative data used to make predictions of a material’s performance once incorporated into larger lithium-ion cells.

Across the industry coin cells are used by all types of researchers, from those targeting large-scale and high-power applications, such as the automotive industry, to niche applications as a starting point for electrochemical performance testing.


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