Our Technology

Our Activation Reagent is a surface coating technology that works like a double-sided molecular velcro because one side attaches to the synthetic surface and the other to the biomolecule of interest.

Our surface coating technology uses metal ions in polymeric form in an aqueous solution to attach proteins to synthetic surfaces via chelation and coordination chemistry. It employs this unique mechanism to immobilise proteins resulting in several performance advantages than is possible with either conventional covalent chemistry or passive binding.

Our technology relies on avidity binding (multiple weak bonds) to hold proteins in place strongly; polymeric metal ions form coordinate bonds with electron donating groups on synthetic surfaces on the one side and biomolecules on the other.

Typically, chelation to a single metal ion is reversible and generally regarded as a weak interaction. A single chelation point is not strong enough to bind a metal ion to a synthetic surface or to bind a biomolecule to the metal ion. Anteo’s platform technology overcomes this limitation by using polymeric metal ions that form multiple chelation points with both the underlying surface and the biomolecule. Together many such interactions form a very strong, yet flexible bond that is as secure as a covalent bond.

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