Custom Services

If you can't find an Anteo product to suit your needs or want to work with Anteo's technology but don't have the time or resurces to perform the conjugation yourself, Anteo’s team of experts can help by building a convenient and cost-effective custom product that fits your application. 

We have more than 15 years of experience with custom antibody, protein and small molecule conjugation on a wide variety of particles and surface types.

Our library of reagents made possible by our patented technology allows reliable and gentle conjugation of the biomarker of your choice to a wide variety of particles. From nano-sized non-magnetic latex and colloidal gold, through sub-micron silica and polystyrene paramagnetic particles, to multi-micron Luminex® MAGPlex® beads and beyond, we have have a solution for you.


Services We Offer


Custom Antibody, Protein And Small Molecule Conjugations At Small To Medium-Scale
Provide your own particle or let Anteo select a particle that will best work for you. This convenient service allows you to get started on your project right away. We also provide functional testing of the conjugated particles as an option. We have quantity options ranging from milligram to multi-gram and we can scale with your project.

Ready-To-Use Pre-Activated Particles Of Your Choice
Our patented technology is uniquely able to provide a long-term stable surface with a high affinity for your marker on the particle of your choice. This service allows you to screen for the ideal biomarker for your project from a range of candidates. Alternatively, if your biomarker is expensive or difficult to synthesize, you can conjugate only the quantity of particles you need. By using Anteo's technology, you can save time and resources by avoiding repeated activations that are required when using other methods such as EDC chemistry.

The Biomarker You Want, On The Surface You Have
We’ve spent years developing a library of reagents to work with the many surface and material types used in the life sciences today. We have a demonstrated capability to couple biomarkers to nitrocellulose, cyclic olefin (co)polymer (COP/COC), polystyrene, polypropylene and nearly any carboxylated surface. From high-sensitivity lateral flow applications to novel biosensors, we have a solution that can be tailored to your specific project needs.

Contact Anteo today on +61 7 3219 0085 or email to discuss how we can help with your project.