Application Case Studies

Kristin Cederquist, IMRA America
The Anteo protocol process is easy to follow and implement, and it takes the guesswork out of bioconjugation, thereby saving time and biological material.  I like that the system emulates biology and takes advantage of many weak interactions versus one strong, covalent bond. I would definitely use Anteo’s technology again and would like to expand its use to our other lines of nanoparticles that we are developing for IVD.
Bjorn Eckberg, Life Assays AB
We have used the Anteo's technology for the preparation of in-vitro diagnostic reagents. The Anteo method for immobilisation of antibodies is advantageous in many ways: it is much faster than many other methods; it is much easier than many other methods; last but not least it makes use of considerably fewer hazardous chemicals which in turn decreases the health risks and waste of hazardous chemicals.
DCN Diagnostics
The Anteo technology based magnetic particle hCG lateral flow assay produced a comparable limit of detection to the optimised colloidal gold reference assay of ~25 mIU/mL in urine. This confirms that particles conjugated with the Anteo Activation Reagent can rival traditionally used gold colloids in lateral flow applications and bring with it benefits associated with cost, handling and manufacturability improvements. The Anteo technology based hCG assay is 5 times more sensitive than the covalently conjugated magnetic particle based test using the same critical reagents. 
NMI, Natural And Medical Sciences Institute
We demonstrated the AMG Activation Kit is easy to use, which can contribute to decreased lot-to-lot variation of different assay productions, and provides an alternative chemistry for the immobilisation of challenging proteins.