Polaris Battery Labs


The problem Facing Startup Battery Companies

The center addresses roadblocks facing battery technology companies and OEM’s looking to commercialize new cell technologies:

  1. Startup companies lack the staffing, process knowledge, funding, manufacturing expertise and equipment to rapidly deliver proof of concept samples for customers and investors. These delays impact the ability to raise funds and gain customer interest.
  2. Commercialization of new batteries is capital intensive and it takes a great deal of time to pass quality standards. To build a cell production factory takes tens of millions of dollars of equipment, experienced process and design engineers, an infrastructure of support systems, and a rigorous period for safety testing and customer audits.

What Polaris Labs Does

Polaris assists in developing recipes for new materials, processes electrodes, builds and tests cells and provides a path to rapid commercialization. Services we provide include:

  • New material rheology trials
  • Mix and Coat of Electrodes
  • Perform Designed Experiments
  • Build Pouch Lithium Ion Stack Cells
  • Cell Design and Testing Services
  • Business Advisory Services
  • A Direct Link to High Volume Production Via Polaris’ Partner Network

Who Are Polaris Battery Labs' Customers?

Polaris' customers are battery start-up’s and raw material developers commercializing new lithium ion technologies as well as OEMs interested in accelerating the delivery of samples for their evaluation. Universities and National Labs are working with Polaris to support core material research efforts as a sub-contractor on grants.


Polaris has partnerships in place with local Universities, several mass production toll coating companies, a US based cell assembler (Kodak), test and analytical labs, battery pack developers and processing equipment companies. All of our partners are accessible to our clients to help accelerate commercialization.

Contact Information

For more information on Polaris, visit www.polarisbatterylabs.com