AMG™ Activation Kit for Multiplex Microspheres

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Application: Activation and coupling of Luminex® Microspheres for Multiplex Immunoassays

Base: Water based Activation Reagent is included in this Kit.

Product Highlights:

  • Fast assay development time making it easy to move your ELISA assay to the Luminex® xMAP® system
  • Proven to work with difficult proteins
  • Compatible with both Luminex Magplex® and Microplex® microspheres
  • Test problematic proteins on xMAP, including those cited as not suitable for the system
  • An alternative to traditional chemistries such as NHS/EDC methods with an easier to use Anteo protocol
  • Anteo's water based Activation Reagent is ready to use, simply pipette the reagent onto your surface to activate
  • Increase antibody functionality
  • Low background noise
  • High reproducibility between experiments


Product Description

This AMG Activation Kit utilises Mix&Go™ technology to stably activate and couple proteins of interest to multiplex microspheres. The Kit is compatible with both MagPlex® and MicroPlex® microspheres for use on the Luminex® platform. Mix&Go allows proteins to bind faster and with more functionality leading to enhanced performance and capture of the target molecules. The microspheres are quickly and easily activated with Mix&Go. They are then stable to store in the activated form, or are immediately ready to couple with protein, using the supplied Coupling Buffer.


How It Works

In This Kit:

  • Anteo's water based Activation Reagent
  • Coupling Buffer
  • Storage Buffer
  • Microcentrifuge Tubes
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