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Application: Activation and coupling of Biosensor planar surfaces

Product Highlights:

  • Modify the strength of binding, wettability and surface charge of base materials
  • An alternative to traditional chemistries such as NHS/EDC methods with an easier to use Mix&Go protocol
  • Reduce reagent preparation time by 3-4 hours
  • Increase antibody functionality
  • Low background noise
  • High reproducibility between experiments

Product Description

Mix&Go Biosensor is a ready-to-use Activation Reagent specifically developed for binding biomolecules onto planar surfaces including polystyrenes, certain cyclic olefin copolymers, microarray slides, silicon oxides, titanium oxides, ceramics and gold surfaces (excluding gold colloids in suspension).

Mix&Go Biosensor can modify the strength of binding, wettability and surface charge of base materials commonly used in biosensor applications. By using Mix&Go surface coatings, it is possible to control protein binding and improve the stability of bound biomolecules across a range of surfaces used in biosensors.

Mix&Go Biosensor has many advantages over methods such as EDC, including:

  • Mix&Go is water based and replaces the dry chemicals you would use with the EDC method
  • Using Mix&Go instead of NHS/EDC chemistry can save up to 3-4 hours of lab time
  • Increased stability of antibodies
  • Higher functionality of antibodies
  • Decreased background

Shipped In: Ambient

Storage Temp: Room temperature

Shelf-life: 2 years

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