Free Application Guides & White Papers

Lateral Flow: Achieving 5 x More Sensitivity And Less Variation In Results Than Covalent Chemistry 

This lateral flow whitepaper demonstrates the performance advantages of using activated magnetic particles; requiring only the addition of antibody solution and blocking.

In this hCG study, the coupling kit achieves five times more sensitivity with half the amount of antibody.




From ELISA to Multiplex Assays

Increasingly complex multifactorial diagnosis of cancers, neurodegenerative and autoimmune diseases, together with monitoring of complex disorders and individual patient stratification in the new era of personalised healthcare, is stretching the ELISA beyond its limits. To this end, multiplex assays in which multiple analytes can be quantitated within a single patient sample have been gaining utility.




Magnetic Bead Coatings: Today and Tomorrow

Specific molecules or cells are often captured using the super-paramagnetic properties of functionalised magnetic beads. This technology, which is both used in molecule isolation and IVD reagents, needs the magnetic beads to be coated with a target-specific ligand. This ebook intends to summarise the current approaches for magnetic bead coating and showcase new arising technological solutions that will solve current technical challenges.