World First Universal Coupling Kit Developed for Use With Commonly-Used Particles and Proteins

Author: Anteo Technologies   Date Posted:31 May 2016 

For decades, researchers have been limited by inflexible coupling approaches and products, with particles and proteins that might not necessarily be optimal for their specific application.

With this in mind, Anteo developed the only coupling kit that can be used with commonly-used particles, such as magnetic, latex or silica, and a broad range of proteins to best meet the diversity of different users’ assay requirements.

We’re now pleased to announce the availability of the AMG Universal Coupling Kit. Developers and researchers are no longer constrained to pair a given coupling approach, particle and protein.

The kit provides the flexibility to use their particle of preference, allowing for gentle binding to any protein. Employing a unique mechanism to immobilise proteins, Mix&Go advantages outweigh those of conventional covalent chemistries such as NHS/EDC and passive binding.

Key Features Of The Kit

  • AMG Universal Coupling Kit is built upon our patented Mix&Go technology using chelation and coordination chemistry
  • There is no need to pre-treat proteins to use the Mix&Go technology and your chosen particles
  • Can be used in a vast array of applications to couple two or more surfaces together
  • Increases stability and functionality of antibodies
  • Store activated particles for use at a later time; up to 1 year, which is not possible with EDC coupling chemistry
  • The Kit includes everything required to activate, couple and store protein-coupled particles

The AMG Universal Coupling Kit is compatible with a range of antibody species and types, allowing the flexibility needed for development of complex assays. Using the AMG Universal Coupling Kit, scientists are enabled to test even the most problematic proteins.

Our One-Step-Activation only takes one hour, and improves efficiency in terms of both time and cost. It also provides the ability to either store activated particles up to 12 months for later use, or to immediately couple proteins.

The AMG Universal Coupling Kit has been tested with over 30 different magnetic and non-magnetic, carboxylated particles, ranging in size from 200 nm to 3 µm, and with different base particle materials, such as PS, PAA, Silica, and PVA.  The kit has also been tested for coupling with various proteins, including single and multi-domain, mammalian and bacterial, native and recombinant.

Applications include:

  • Particle-based immunoassay
  • Lateral flow assay
  • Immunoprecipitation
  • Bioseparations
    • protein
    • cell
    • virus
    • bacterial
    • DNA / RNA
  • Multifunctional co-coupled particles

The AMG Universal Coupling Kit is now available for purchase online.