Creating value through accelerated development and commercialisation of societally-beneficial solutions by our innovative technology & passionate team of scientists.

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About AnteoTech

Addressing global challenges with societally-beneficial solutions

At AnteoTech, we deliver cutting edge technology to address some of the world’s key health and environmental challenges of our time. Our innovations span the development of in-vitro diagnostic solutions that improve speed and accuracy in healthcare to addressing the performance demands of batteries to support the clean energy transition.

Our commitment to delivering these breakthrough solutions is made possible by our diverse team of scientists who are at the forefront of their respective fields. With their unparalleled expertise, passion, and dedication, we ensure that our technologies meet industry demands.

When you partner with AnteoTech, you can have full confidence in the wealth of knowledge, experience, and capabilities that our scientists bring to the table.

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At AnteoTech, we focus on

  1. Commercial partnerships

    A cornerstone of our company strategy is building strategic partnerships across markets and distribution channels. This collaboration allows our partners to capitalise on our expertise and build stronger businesses supported by our research and patented technology.

  2. Solution development

    At AnteoTech, our scientific team bring breakthrough technologies to life. We deliver end-to-end solutions, spanning initial product concept all the way to successful product realisation and distribution.

  3. Sustainable growth

    We are dedicated to creating long-term value for our shareholders. AnteoTech delivers innovative technology solutions to our customers and partners and also contributes meaningfully to a better future for our planet and society.


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