Transform your Bioconjugations

Replace traditional bioconjugation chemistry with the new AnteoBind NXT and start developing your own pre-activated particles and surfaces.

Why choose AnteoBind NXT?

With AnteoBind NXT you can now bulk activate a single batch of particles with EDC/sNHS-level performance at a highly competitive price.

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Stable pre-activated particles: Achieve consistent performance

A single batch of NXT-activated particles, stored at 2-8OC, can be used multiple times for up to 12 months post-activation, supporting consistent, reproducible results.


Improved efficiencies: Streamline your workflows

AnteoBind NXT is easy to use, requiring less hands-on time, handling steps and processing time.


Increased functionality: Versatile & flexible solution

Metal ion-based chemistry allows for the activation and conjugation of a diverse range of surfaces and biomolecules.


Cost saving: Save more than 50% on your antibody usage

AnteoBind NXT improves operational efficiencies with reduced particle usage and antibody savings of more than 50%.

Customer Feedback

A leading international in vitro diagnostics (IVD) manufacturer has successfully leveraged AnteoBind NXT to develop assays that are not compatible with EDC/sNHS. This strategic utilisation has accelerated antibody qualification and the assay development process, significantly boosting their discovery pipeline.

Global IVD Company

Case Study Highlights: NXT in Action


Our ongoing in-house studies using 400 nm Thermo Scientific™ Color-Rich Dyed Carboxylate-Modified Particles activated with AnteoBind NXT showed consistent performance across three batches for up to 12 months under accelerated stability conditions, supporting rapid large-scale screening and optimisation in your assay development.


Preliminary in-house studies with 400 nm Thermo Scientific™ Color-Rich Dyed Carboxylate-Modified Particles and 150 nm gold nanoshells demonstrate that AnteoBind NXT delivers significant antibody savings of more than 50% in lateral flow assays compared to conventional EDC/sNHS methods.

Discover how AnteoBind NXT can transform your bioconjugations — order your evaluation kit today!

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