Life Sciences

A leading global developer of niche and novel diagnostic products and solutions that address global challenges in the healthcare, agriculture and veterinary sciences.


Delivering novel solutions in point of care and in-vitro diagnostics industries

AnteoTech Life Sciences division offers solutions to complement and streamline your existing products and services. From our AnteoBind™ technology — a unique metal-ion platform that binds both biological and synthetic surfaces — to assay development, our team is constantly seeking new solutions for challenging applications.


AnteoTech Life Science is focused on supporting cost-effective product development and manufacturing

Partnership Approach

Our partnership approach to developing exceptional assays at AnteoTech involves detailed project management, the ability to mitigate potential issues and achieving product development milestones.

Growing Together

When partnering with our Life Sciences team, you will benefit from our wealth of experience, knowledge and capabilities, enabling you to deliver reproducible results at scale.

OUR products


AnteoBind™ is a metal-ion complex-based activation technology alternative to conventional covalent chemistries. Its one-step activation offers an improved workflow for solid-phase immunoassay development across a wide range of proteins — including challenging macromolecules, with multiple surface options for activation and stability post-activation for up to 12 months.

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