AnteoBind™: elevate your activation

Ready-to-use applications utilising multivalent coordination chemistry to bind biomolecules to synthetic substrates.

Why AnteoBind™?

AnteoBind™-enabled technology delivers improved performance and workflow advantages over conventional methods, leading to better products and better results.

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Proven to work with difficult proteins and other biomolecules

AnteoBind™ offers an improved workflow for solid phase immunoassay development across a wide range of proteins and polysaccharides — including challenging macromolecules that underperform using conventional conjugation methods.


More efficient than standard protein coupling or conjugation chemistry

AnteoBind™’s one-step activation workflow means activated particles can be conjugated immediately or stably stored for later use, providing flexibility in experimental design and production schedules.


Compatible with a wide range of substrates

AnteoBind™ is compatible with a variety of microspheres and nanoparticles, including gold colloids and fluorescent, europium, magnetic nanoparticles, as well as planar surfaces, including glass and engineered.


AnteoTech’s Life Sciences include antibody conjugation services and the development of assay design to support customer requirements

At AnteoTech, we offer the opportunity to work alongside our highly-skilled and experienced team of scientists via our Contract Services.


The AnteoBind™ one-step activation workflow

AnteoBind™ is a metal-ion complex-based activation technology used in Life Sciences industry, providing an alternative to conventional bioconjugation methods such as EDC/NHS. It’s straightforward to use, with a one-step activation workflow that speeds up the protein coupling process.

When particles are added to AnteoBind™, they incubate at room temperature for at least 60 minutes. From there, activated particles can be conjugated immediately or stored in AnteoBind™ at 2-8°C for up to one year.

We make binding happen


Activation of particles with AnteoBind™ in preparation for you to conjugate your protein.


The development of a conjugation method that best suits your protein.

Assay development

Comprehensive services in lateral flow immunoassay development.

Academic Paper

“We could unequivocally show that this coating AnteoBind™ is also a superior and simple strategy for the surface activation, prior to µCP [microcontact printing] of proteins. Based on the intended application and pursued sensitivity of the assay, the reagent can be used in a wide concentration range, also in combination with common surface passivation steps.”

Karimian, Tina, et al. “A Simplified and Robust Activation Procedure of Glass Surfaces for Printing Proteins and Subcellular Micropatterning Experiments.”

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