14 March, 2024

Florida International Battery Seminar – Navigating the Silicon Challenge

AnteoTech’s CTO Manuel Wieser presented on Day 2 of the International Battery Seminar in Florida.

The presentation titled Navigating the Silicon Challenge discusses how the application of silicon is rapidly transitioning from being a secondary active material used to enhance anode capacity to being a dominant component. The presentation emphasises the growing significance of silicon-based battery technology and its associated hurdles. It highlights AnteoTech’s expertise in high-silicon anodes and specialized binder innovations, offering the potential to enhance lithium-ion battery performance by optimizing the inactive material fraction of the anode.

The Florida IBS is a premier event showcasing the state of the art of worldwide energy storage technology developments for consumer, automotive, military, grid, and industrial applications. As the longest-running annual battery industry event in the world, this meeting is seen as a preferred venue to announce significant developments, and new products, and showcase the most advanced battery technology. https://www.internationalbatteryseminar.com/

Download the presentation here >>

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