09 May, 2022

How to make a Lithium-Ion Battery – Part 1

With our energy labs now expanded to accommodate new equipment enabling us to continue our in-house validation and testing of AnteoX we are pleased to share Part 1 of a three-part series on how we make and test our Lithium-ion batteries here at AnteoTech.

Part 1 shows the steps involved in preparing our silicon anode slurry. Most importantly, this is where our two AnteoTech workstreams: the AnteoX Cross-Linker & Binder Program and the high-performance Silicon Anode Program, come together.

The anode slurry-making process brings together all the key components and materials in these two workstreams, creating different silicon anodes we can then test and stress under varying conditions. This helps us to gather the performance and cycling data we need, in our quest to perfect the AnteoX-containing silicon anode formulation.

Check back as we Coat the Anode and Assemble the Battery in Parts 2 and 3.


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