20 March, 2024

NMI study shows improved RSV G protein antibody detection using AnteoBind vs. EDC/NHS

A recent publication from the NMI, Development and validation of a respiratory syncytial virus multiplex immunoassay, highlights the exceptional performance of AnteoBind chemistry. They demonstrated that employing AnteoBind for bioconjugation can significantly enhance the performance of antigens. This improvement is especially notable for antigens exhibiting sub-optimal performance with traditional chemistries like EDC/NHS.

To gain deeper insights into how RSV immunity evolves over time, the NMI developed a multiplex immunoassay on the Luminex platform targeting the various RSV antigens including the diverse G glycoproteins responsible for determining antigenic subtypes A and B. In this study, five different G protein antigen targets were conjugated using either the conventional EDC/Sulfo-NHS approach or AnteoBind.

The experiments showcased a remarkable improvement in performance, up to 45.6-fold and 5.4-fold in subtype A and B G proteins respectively. The authors believe the improved performance may be due to a more accessible orientation of the antigens on the bead when utilising the AnteoBind Multiplex kit.

You can download the research paper here.

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